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“One of the richest, most complex pieces of acting I’ve seen in my theatregoing life! This is acting of the highest imaginable quality, a performance that will sear it’s way into your mind and linger there forever!”
Terry Teachout, Wall Street Journal
“Adapted by Mr. Lang from a book by the journalist Larry Smith containing the oral histories of veterans of several wars, Beyond Glory allows the voices of servicemen to be heard without the filter of the conventions of drama or the prerogatives of deadline-driven journalism. Its sobriety, simplicity and lack of histrionics are the show’s signal strengths.”
Charles Isherwood, The New York Times
“Recipients of the Medal of Honor, each of these men went above and beyond the call of duty to a place where bravery and humility meet. In a stunning tour de force performance, actor Stephen Lang leads us on a journey through WWII, Korea and Vietnam, taking us to a realm beyond.”,

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